INTRODUCTION: Following the success of the literary website, http://www.simerg.com, and a very great interest in photo pieces by our readers word-wide, it was felt that there was a need to produce photos under an appropriate photo theme layout. www.Simergphotos.com is the outcome; it was launched in the last quarter of 2012 beginning with the republication of selected photo essays originally published at Simerg. Since then many new pieces have appeared here for the first time, with occasional simultaneous publications at Simerg. The primarily focus will be on images, photos and videos related to cultures and religious traditions from around the world, as they particularly relate to Islam. However, other original photo essays unrelated to religious themes will also be published if we feel they help serve the general interests of our world-wide readers, including travelogues. Please send your contributions to simerg@aol.com.

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Abdulmalik (Malik) Merchant
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