Historical Images: The Cave of Hira, the Place of the First Revelation of the Holy Qur’an

Mountain of Light

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s) received his first revelation from Allah through Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) in the Hira cave which is on Jabl al Nur (Mount of Light) shown in this photo. The peak is visible from a great distance. The Prophet used to climb this mountain often even before receiving his fist revelation from Allah.

Cave of Hira

A photo of Cave of Hira in the Mount of Light, near Mecca, where the Prophet would come for his devotions and meditations, and the sacred spot where the Holy Quran began to be revealed. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.) had just stepped into the forty-first year of his life, when during the 23rd night in the month of Ramadan the first 5 verses of the Surah Al-Alaq (96) were revealed to him.

Cave of Hira

A close-up of the Cave of Hira. The small cave is about 3.5 meters long and 2 meters wide. It was Prophet Muhammad’s most adorable place for meditation.

The first revelation

Part of Al-Alaq – 96th sura of the Quran – the first revelation received by Prophet Muhammad

When Prophet Muhammad was 40 years old, he received his first divine revelation from Allah through Angel Jibreel. When Angel Jibreel appeared to him, he said:

Recite: In the Name of thy Lord who created,
created, Man of a blood-clot.

Recite: And thy Lord is the Most Generous,
who taught by the Pen,
taught Man that he knew not…..Holy Qur’an, Al-Alaq, 96:1-5

The night of this first revelation is celebrated as Laylat al-Qadr (the Night of Power).

Date posted: Tuesday, July 30, 2013.


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