Ottawa Diary: “Deja Vu” – Ottawa’s Familiar Winter Day Not Worthy of a Photo, Really?

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Ottawa Winter Day, December 29, 2015

Blowing snow from my landlord’s snow-blower as he clears one of the side walks used by tenants. Photo: Malik Merchant/Simerg. 

There is nothing unfamiliar about these set of pictures that I took in Ottawa today, December 29, 2015, following the posting of some extraordinary EVERGREEN PHOTOS that I shot on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day just some 4 days ago  (please click Photo Diary: A (Very) Green Christmas Day in Ottawa and Photo Diary: One of the World’s Coldest Capitals, Ottawa, on Christmas Eve 2015.

My neighbour uses a shovel to clear his driveway after a heavy overnight snow fall; the water in the canal, between the iron fences,  finally gives in to snow. Photo: Malik Merchant/Simerg.

I nevertheless got a kick out of taking them, because my “evergreen mindset” was finally broken after a very heavy snowfall overnight, which continues into late today or even tomorrow!

Ottawa Winter, December 29, 2015

A plough clears snow on a stretch of the Rideau Canal which is used, even in winter, by cyclists, walkers and joggers. Photo: Malik Merchant/Simerg.

The canal is now snow-filled and appears to be frozen, but it is not and it will take several days of continuing cold temperatures before it is transformed into the largest skating ring in the world! The snow should bring joy to all enthusiasts of winter sports as well as owners of ski resorts and businesses who count on winter activities for their economic well-being.

Ottawa Winter December 29, 2015

Across, on the West side of the Rideau canal, on Queen Elizabeth Drive, a couple enjoy a walk along the stretch of the canal that has been cleared of snow. At the near end, a car rolls along on Colonel By Drive. Photo: Malik Merchant/Simerg.

Ottawa Winter, December 29, 2015A woman walks her dog on the Rideau Canal by Colonel By Drive. Photo: Malik Merchant/Simerg.

Ottawa winter, December 29 2015A large quantity of snow collected from a driveway is emptied into an interim area for further removal later. Photo: Malik Merchant/Simerg.

Ottawa Winter, December 29, 2015

A parka, a pair of gloves and a woolen scarf might just do the trick for some cold comfort reading of this November 22, 2015 Arts and Leisure Section of the NY Times that was begging to be read in the comfort of a warmer day! Photo: Malik Merchant/Simerg.

With the very familiar winter scene now on, it is time for me to put my camera away until another extraordinary occasion.

Date posted: December 29, 2015.