VOA’s 5 Short Videos That Young and Old Alike Will Enjoy: Elephant Hoisted from Well in India; Baby Gorilla Born at Boston Zoo; and More

Elephant Rescue

Rescue staff and villagers in southern India hoisted an elephant from a well, Friday, November 20, over the course of 14 hours. 

Elephant rescue India Simergphotos
Click for Elephant rescue in India


Birth of Baby Gorilla

A male baby gorilla was born in Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts, Wednesday, October 14. It was the first gorilla born at the zoo.

Click for birth of baby gorilla at Boston Zoo.


Green Puppy

Have you ever seen a green dog before, or thought they even existed? Well, it seems they do. 

Green Puppy in Sardinnia Simergphotos
Click for puppy born with green fur; named Pistachio.



The Peruvian Government recently released about 1,040 baby Taricaya Turtles – of some 850,000 expected to be released this year – into the Nanay River in Peru’s Amazon region.

Baby Turtles in Peru Simergphotos
Click for release of turtles into Peru river.



A large flock of exotic flamingos congregated on the Waters Karakol lake in northern Kazakhstan while on their seasonal migration route, November 14, 2020.

Flamingoes at Karakol Lake
Click for beautiful flamingo gathering in Kazakhstan Lake.

Date posted: November 22, 2020.


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