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The Iconic Boeing 747 Will Be Etched in My Memory Forever as Last Jumbo Leaves Assembly Line 53 Years After First Flight

As the last of the Boeing 747 leaves the assembly line, Malik Merchant reflects on his favourite plane with a collection of official photographs of the 747 from the Boeing Company. This is a MUST read and share post that includes a historical snapshot and chronology of the iconic plane since it took flight more than 50 years ago.

“DOORS” – A Photographic Tribute to Late Shiraz Bandali of Edmonton, Canada

Simergphotos is pleased to present an excellent collection of photos of “DOORS” that were captured by Shiraz Bandali of Edmonton, Canada, during his trip with his family to Morocco, Spain and Portugal. A passionate photographer, Shiraz alas passed away too early. This collection is a tribute to him as well as a celebration of his life.