Photo Essay: The Aga Khan Foundation World Partnership Walk in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada, on June 9 2013

Neighbouring Cities Show Passion and Enthusiasm for Improving Humanity

June 9 2013 095s

From a distant, Waterloo Square, 75 King Street  in Waterloo, Canada, site of the World Partnership Walk for the past 3 years. Several hundred people from the surrounding cities of Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo converge here to raise funds for Aga Khan Foundation Canada which supports numerous projects around the world.

June 9 2013 186s

A life-size poster explaining the Walk’s objective

June 9 2013 096s

A tent with a display of Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s support for projects around the world

June 9 2013 098s

A life-size poster: Aga Khan Foundation Canada in Bangladesh

June 9 2013 098s1


June 9 2013 099s2
A life-size poster: Aga Khan Foundation Canada in Egypt
June 9 2013 101s

l to r: Noordin and Mariam Makhani with Nizar and Nazlin Shariff. Nizar was one of the founders of the walk when it began in Kitchener’s Victoria Park in the early 1990’s.

June 9 2013 102s

Fatima, left, from Guelph went around distributing ‘clappers’ to the crowd. 

June 9 2013 103s

Emcee, Priya Mann of CTV requesting all walkers to the start line

June 9 2013 105s

Gathering at the start line

June 9 2013 106s

Dignitaries about to launch the walk with the cutting of the ribbon

June 9 2013 108s

The ribbon is down, walk commences

June 9 2013 109s

People of all ages and from all communities commence the hour-long walk on  a very warm and sunny day in Waterloo

June 9 2013 110s

Enthusiasm and spirit for an extraordinary cause.

June 9 2013 111s

Cool car next to the entertainment stage

June 9 2013 112s

The walk – bringing community and sponsors together

June 9 2013 113s


June 9 2013 114s

By his expression,  the stroller is a barrier. He wishes to walk with the rest.

June 9 2013 115s

In the footsteps of the walkers who are a hundred metres ahead. 

June 9 2013 119s

Tracy Shewfelt (left) community outreach coordinator for Peter Braid (right), Member of Parliament  for Kitchener-Waterloo

June 9 2013 120s

Team of volunteers prepare for lunch

June 9 2013 121s

Members of the donations team which collected completed partnership books

June 9 2013 122s

Volunteers at the food coupons desk. $7.00 combo – Harveys hamburger, Ms. Vickie’s Chips, a soft-drink and, to finish, an ice cream.

June 9 2013 124s

Fareen Sayani, Shazmin Dosani, Rabia Dhanani and Salma Dhanani selling special items . Water bottles and hats were the most popular.

June 9 2013 126s


June 9 2013 128s

Unpacking m & m boxes – each walker received the treat

June 9 2013 130s

Some arrived too early from the walk

June 9 2013 133s

Cheerful faces – serious walkers. Cell phones missing 

June 9 2013 134s

Liam Jadavji, age 9, Grade 3

June 9 2013 136s

l to r – Proud youth; Marina, Hajera and Deena Noori on King Street

June 9 2013 139s

m & m awaits them

June 9 2013 141s

750 metres to the finish line

June 9 2013 142s

Smiles galore

June 9 2013 143s

Undisturbed by the traffic

June 9 2013 140s

Hussein and Naushin of Kitchener with their triplets, Zaim, Ilaan and Kaleb who will all be two in July

June 9 2013 145s

Yasmin and Salmin Pardhan

June 9 2013 146s

Long time Guelph resident Sadru Khamis (left) with Barkat Lalani

June 9 2013 148s

KPMG Team – walk supporters

June 9 2013 149s

A family of four

June 9 2013 151s

Guelph’s Mansur Jaffer (l) and Mehdi Dholasanyia

June 9 2013 152s

Hanif Karim, Grade 8, with Rubina Kassam of Hamilton. In the stroller, Aalia (left) 8 months and Amar, 3 years.

June 9 2013 153s


June 9 2013 154s

Alina Yusufi, 2 years old

June 9 2013 156s

Charming Julnar (l), age 6, Grade 1, with Maleeha, age 5, Snr. Kindergarten

June 9 2013 157s

Seated for the entertainment

June 9 2013 158s

Joel Afovia, French teacher, originally of Togo assisting as a volunteer

June 9 2013 159s

Lunch queue

June 9 2013 162s

Henna art

June 9 2013 163s

Ms. Vickie’s chips, soft drinks and hamburgers from Harveys

June 9 2013 164s

Almost the last bite of the Harveys

June 9 2013 165s

Team WOW from Kitchener – calling out for the missing!

June 9 2013 170s

A more complete team WOW!

June 9 2013 172s

Team WLISA (Waterloo and Laurier Ismaili Students Association)

June 9 2013 175s

Team Guelph Partnership 2013 consisted of 28 individuals who raised $30,000.00

June 9 2013 179s

Stage entertainment – Bollywood dance

June 9 2013 183s

Performance by Kitchener Kicks, Waterloo Region’s most versatile martial arts school

June 9 2013 185s

Global Village Exhibit

June 9 2013 187s

The Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s World Partnership Walk will continue in 2014

Date posted: Monday, June 10, 2013.


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